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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jang Nara

born 18 March 1981, is a Korean singer and actress. As a child, Jang spent most of her childhood in her birthplace, Seoul, but appeared with her father in a play, Les Misérables, in her primary school days, thus sparking her interest to become an actress.

Jang also went on to become an advertisement model for some CF advertisements in her high school days before entering into the Department of Theater, the Faculty of the Art in Chungang University around March 2000. Jang also moved into singing by releasing her first album with the title song, "Burying My Face In Tears", and selling 300,000 copies in the process. According to fans, the song was applauded as harmonized native melody line and her native vocal. Her pop ballad style song, Confession and the April Story, was ranked at the top in various music charts. Thus, this resulted in Jang holding a 'Live' music TV programme in the MBC music camp.

Jang also has a successful acting career, in which she appears in a TV Sitcom, "New Nonstop", with famous Korean young stars such as Park Kyung-lim and Yang Dong Gun. Together with Jang Hyuk, she also played the leading role in a record-breaking TV drama, "Successful Story of a Bright Girl", which recorded very high audience rating.

In recent years, she has starred in a drama in China, called "Bratty Princess". Being the lead actress, she has attracted much affection from Chinese speaking fans and has become quite popular in chinese speaking countries in Asia. She has also released a few Chinese language cds. Her first Chinese album was a huge success in china, featuring her previously released Korean songs translated into Chinese. The Chinese versions of "Sweet Dream", "It's Probably Love" and "I'm After All A Woman" (frequently cited as "I'm a Woman Too") have become very popular on radio throughout Asia. She has performed many concerts in China, often singing both korean and chinese songs. Recently she released another Chinese album called "Kung Fu". The video for the song featured her in red 'cheongsam' (Chinese women traditional dress), fighting villains, and dancing with a cute panda.

Jang also does some charity work, such as sending free powdered milk to the hungry North Korean children. She also works with the FHI Charity organization.
  • 2003: Oh! Happy Day!
  • 2005: KBS: Wedding
  • 2005: CCTV: My Bratty Princess(刁蠻公主) / The Mischievous Princess
  • 2004: MBC: Love Is All Around (Sa-rang-eul Hal-geo-ya, a.k.a. I'm Gonna Fall In Love)
  • 2003: Hello Bal Ba Ri
  • 2002: MBC: My Love Patzzi (내 사랑 팥쥐)
  • 2002: SBS: Successful Story of a Bright Girl (명랑소녀 성공기)
  • 2001: MBC: New Non Stop (Sitcom)
Volume 5, Released February 23, 2007
  • 사랑 부르기 (Calling out love)
  • 마음을 잃다 (Losing one's mind)
  • You & I
  • 손톱 (Fingernails)
  • 가면무도회 ft. HaHa (A Masquerade)
  • 사랑을 향합니다 (Towards love)
  • Everything for you
  • Tonight
  • 이젠 말해볼까 (Shall we talk about it now?)
  • 당신의 모든 것을 사랑합니다 (I love everything about you)
  • 사랑 부르기 (Acoustic Ver.) (Calling out love)
Lady Like
Release Date: December 29, 2006
  • 안 행복해 (I’m not happy)
  • 그렇담 Good-bye (Then good-bye)
Gong Fu
(in Chinese) Released December 21, 2005
  • 对不起不爱你 (Sorry, I don't love you)
  • 功夫
  • 爱上你全部 (Loving all of you)
  • 我要你崇拜
  • 梦飞翔
  • Everyday
  • 险恋人
  • 天边
  • 出乎预料
  • 烦着呢
(in Chinese) Release Date: February 1, 2005
  • 风儿啊!请你停下来 (Wind, please stop)
  • 全世界下雨 (The whole world is raining)
  • 娜拉In China
  • 飞不起来 (Unable to fly)
  • Sweet Dream
  • 恋爱宣言
  • 我也是女人 (I am also a woman)
  • 甜蜜蜜 (Sweet)
  • 可能是爱情 (It's probably love)
  • Ends
My Story
(4th album) Released in December 2004
  • Intro
  • 달팽이 (Snail)
  • 겨울일기 (Winter diary)
  • I Love School
  • Always
  • 이젠 괜찮아요 (Now no problem at all)
  • 혹시라도 (Perhaps)
  • 모시는 글 (Mosin Gul)
  • 연인 (Duet with 신혜성) (Lover, Duet with Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa))
  • 사랑하기 좋은 날 (Good Day to Love)
  • 겨울일기(Bossa Nova.ver) (Winter diary)
  • 나 (I)
  • Make it right
  • 飛不起來(페이부치라이) (중국드라마'은색연화'주제가) (Cannot fly -- Chinese soap opera ' Silver time passage ' Theme song)
The Third Story
Released: December 2003
  • We
  • 별이 빛나는 밤에
  • 기도 (Last Pray)
  • 10년이 지난 후 나는
  • 그게 정말이니?
  • 나도 여자랍니다
  • 키키
  • My Boy
  • 약속
  • 늘 그래왔듯이
  • Say Good-Bye
  • 눈물로 남을텐데
  • 그게 정말이니(Band ver.)
  • 별이 빛나는 밤에(Ver.2)
Nara Jang and Friends
Released April, 2003
  • 오 해피데이(영화‘오 해피데이’삽입곡)
  • 피노키오
  • 그날이후(영화 ‘오 해피데이’ 삽입곡)
  • friend (Solo Version)
  • and
  • lately
  • Will be mine
  • luv n u
  • today
  • friend (Duet Version)
  • 부디
  • 그래요
  • 아무것도 아닌 이야기
  • 다시
Sweet Dream
Released: 2/10/2002
  • Sweet Dream
  • 아마도사랑이겠죠
  • 혼자서도 잘해요
  • Pinekiss
  • 철부지
  • Ending
  • I'll be there for you
  • 뙈지아가
  • 물망초
  • 사막한가운데서
  • Snowman
  • 다시 받아주겠니?
  • 바람아 멈추어다오
  • 아마도 사랑이겠죠 (Radio edit)
  • Snowman(방송버전)
The First Story
Released: 21/6/2001
  • 고백 (Confession)
  • 눈물에 얼굴을 묻는다 (Burying My Face In Tears)
  • 연 (Yun)
  • Make it Right
  • 물고기자리 (Pisces)
  • 4월이야기 (April Story)
  • 눈물에 얼굴을 묻는다 (Burying My Face In Tears, String Version)
  • Gloomy Sunday
  • Blue
  • 약속 (Promise)
  • My Pain
  • 지독한 사랑 (Vicious Love)
  • 2003 Singer of the Year (Korea) CCTV-MTV Music Honors
  • 2002 KBS Music Awards
  • 2002 MBC Singer Award
  • Height: 163 cm (5'3")
  • Weight: 45 kg (100 lb)
  • Blood Type: A

Han Ji-min

born on November 5, 1982, is a South Korean actress and model. She debuted in 1999, doing various commercial films (CF) and music videos before gaining wider attention in 2003, appearing in hit Korean television dramas such as "All In" and "Dae Jang Geum" (US: Jewel in the Palace, The Great Jang Geum). She also starred in "Resurrection" with a breakthrough performance that earned her the KBS Best New Actress award. She is currently a spokeswoman for Stila Cosmetics.

Personal Background

Birthdate: November 5, 1982
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 161 cm (5' 3")
Weight: 43 kg (95 lb)
Blood type: B
Nationality: South Korean
Profession: Actress, Model
Education: Seoul Women's University (Social sciences department)Junior High School Attached to the College of Education at Chung-Ang UniversitySuh Moon Girl's Middle School
Religion: Christianity
Family: Grandmother, father, mother and older sister


  • 2007 KBS2 경성스캔들 "Seoul Scandal"
  • 2006 SBS 무적의 낙하산 요원 "Invincible Parachute Agent" (aka. Korea Secret Agency)
  • 2006 KBS2 위대한 유산 "Great Inheritance"
  • 2006 MBC 늑대 "Wolf" (Production halted due to injuries)
  • 2005 KBS 부활 Bu-hwal "Resurrection" (aka. Revenge, Life Again, Rebirth)
  • 2005 KBS2 드라마시티 "Drama City" - 9 Jan. 2005 메모리 "Memory"
  • 2004 KBS2 드라마시티 "Drama City" - 8 Aug. 2004 데자뷰 "Deja Vu"
  • 2003 MBC 대장금 “Dae Jang Geum” (aka. The Great Jang Geum, Jewel in the Palace)
  • 2003 SBS 올인 “All-In
  • 2003 MBC 좋은 사람 Jo Eun Saram “A Good Man”


  • 2005 청연 Cheong-yeon "Blue Swallow"
  • 2007 해부학교실 "Anatomy Classroom"


  • 2005 KBS 연기대상 신인연기상(여자) Best New Actress (Resurrection)
  • 2005 KBS 연기대상 베스트 커플상 Best Couple (with Uhm Tae Woong in Resurrection)
  • 2004 KBS 연기대상 단막 특집극상 Special Drama/One-Act Drama Award (Drama City episode, "데자뷰")

Han Hyo Joo

Born on February 22, 1987, is a South Korean actress and model. She made her debut in the Nonstop 5, a famous sitcom in Korea.

She joined the ranks as a prominent Pan-Asian star due to the rising popularity of Spring Waltz (the fourth and final installment of Yoon Suk-ho's season drama series - following Autumn Fairy Tale, Winter Sonata and Summer Scent) in other Asian countries, including Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Japan.

Recently she has been in the limelight for her accomplishments in the movies, TV drama series as well as commercials. These were recognized by the foreign press and fans from many Asian countries. In response to her numerous adoring fans, she has made a few major steps to demonstrate her talents as an aspiring actress, despite her rather short acting career.

The film called Ad-Lib night (a subtle drama by Lee Yoon-ki, follows a young single woman who rediscovers herself through an eerie overnight encounter with strangers) in which she has the starring role premiered in November, 2006. The film has been made to highlight her potential as a gifted actress, not necessarily for commercial success. To top her already busy schedule, she just has been chosen for the title role in a daily soap opera , called 'Like Land and Sky (하늘만큼 땅만큼)', on KBS in January 2007.


Family: Parents and younger brother
Talent agency:
Fantom Ent
School: Dong Gook University (Dramatics and Films department)
Music Videos
MC & Awards
  • 2007 20th Singapore International Film Festival - Best Actress (Ad-Lib night)
  • 2006 26th Korean Screen Critics Award - Best Female Newcomer (Ad-Lib night)
  • 2005~2006 Popular Songs' MC
  • 2003 First Prize for Binggrae Smile Awards
What they say about her

"Han Hyo Joo is a potential star with a bright head on her shoulders".
"Not only she is a hard-worker, but she appears to be born with the ability to quickly adapt to different situations, which is an ability every actor and actress must possess".

- Director Yoon Suk-ho

"Han Hyo Joo delivers great performance in this movie. Her performance was enough to satisfy me.
The eulogy was received from many staffs and the result also with a satisfactory movie came out."

- Director Lee Yoon-ki

Han Ga In

Han Ga In (born February 2, 1982) is a South Korean model/actress. She made her debut in the series Sunshine Hunting.

She starred in Super Rookie with Eric Mun of Shinhwa (MBC 2005) after marrying fellow actor Yun Jung Hoon[1] on April 26, 2005. In March to May 2007, she played the lead actress in romantic comedy drama, Witch Amusement with Jae Hee, Kim Jeong Hoon, and Dennis Oh.


Height: 169 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Blood Type: AB
Education: Kyunghee University (Hotel & Tourism major)

TV Series
  • 2005 MBC: Excellence Awards
  • 2004 KBS: Best Couple
  • 2003 KBS: Best New Actress

Han Eun-jung

born July 10,1980, is a Korean actress.



Han Chae Young

born Kim Ji Young (김지영), 13 September 1980) is a South Korean actress. She is sometimes called "the Barbie Doll of Korea."

Critics have praised her work in the television drama, Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, which is a present-day version of the historical story, Chunhyang. Critics doubted the series would succeed, but it has proved a favourite among young adults. There, Han plays a fun-loving, free-spirited young woman. Han Chae Young married Choi Dong Joon on June 11,2007.



  • Rec (2000)
  • Bet on My Disco (2002)
  • Wild Card (2003)

Choi Yeo Jin


Date of birth:
July 27, 1983
Education: George Brown University (hotel management graduate)
Horoscope: Leo
Height: 172cm
Weight: 50kg


Choi Kang-hee

born May 5, 1977, is a South Korean actress. Choi made her film debut in the 1998 horror Whispering Corridors, and in 2006 she starred in the low budget My Scary Girl, a surprise hit for which she earned a "Best Actress" nomination at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. She has also appeared in many TV drama series, including Sweet Buns and Rules of Love which were directed by her boyfriend Lee Jae-dong


TV drama
  • MBC Best Theater: Faux Romeo and Faux Juliet (MBC)
  • Icing (MBC, 1996)
  • Paper Crane (KBS, 1998)
  • Sunflower (MBC, 1998)
  • Love Story aka Want You (SBS, 1999)
  • Madness aka Maniac (KBS, 1999)
  • School (KBS, 1999)
  • Feels Good (MBC, 2000)
  • March (SBS, 2000)
  • This is Love (KBS, 2001)
  • The Glory Era of the Maeng's (MBC, 2002)
  • Land of Wine (SBS, 2003)
  • Sweet Buns (MBC, 2004)
  • Beating Heart (MBC, 2005)
  • Rules of Love (MBC, 2005)
  • Thank You (MBC, 2007)


Choi Jeong-yoon

born 9 May 1977, is a South Korean actress.


  • Father (1997)
  • Nightmare (2000)
  • Pisces (2000)
  • Phone (2002)
  • The Circle (2003)
  • Bunshinsaba (2004)
  • Radio Star (2006)
  • Voice of a Murderer (2007)
TV drama

Park Chae-rim

born March 28, 1979, is a South Korean actress. She was noted for her role in the MBC drama All About Eve. Park made her debut in the drama Kaist. She is widely known and addressed as "Chae Rim" to many of her fans as well as fan propaganda magazines. Park married singer Lee Seung-hwan (14 years her senior) on May 24th, 2003. On March 31st, 2006, Lee's agency "Cloud Fish" released news of the couple's divorce. The reason stated was because of the couple personality differences, which caused the couple to separate since early December 2005.


  • 2000: SBS Popular Actress Award
  • 1999: MBC Popular Actress Award
  • 1998: MBC New Actress Award


  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Body: 32-24-32
    Religion: Buddhism
    Blood Type: A

Chae Jung-an

born September 9, 1977, Busan, South Korea as Jang Jung-an, is a Korean actress and singer. She made her debut in acting in 1995.

In 2001 she acted as the lead role in the musical drama Mina. Many of her songs were played in the drama.

She married Kim Sang Chul (김상철) on December 16, 2005.

Height: 172cm
Weight: 48kg





Cruel (Gwihan Sarang)
Letter (Pyeonji)

  1. 0:52 Intro
  2. 3:54 Shadow
  3. 3:39 편지
  4. 3:33 Tess
  5. 0:42 Middletro
  6. 3:23 Stay
  7. 3:08 진달래
  8. 3:20 Temptation
  9. 3:49 바보 같은 미소
  10. 3:56 그러길 바랬어
  11. 4:06 My Love
  12. 3:25 White
  13. 0:57 Outro

Goddess....Her Fate

  1. I Say
  2. Magic
  3. No
  4. Precious Love
  5. Parting For You
  6. Tonight
  7. I Don't Know
  8. Warning
  9. Prism
  10. Why?!
  11. But Beautiful
  12. Love That Looks Stupid
  13. Only You

Bae Seul Ki

born on September 27, 1986, is a K-pop singer. Her family consists of her parents and two younger siblings (brother and sister). Bae Seul Ki's religious affilitation is Catholic. She first appeared as a member of The Red, but has since become a solo singer.


Bae Seul Ki is a South Korean pop singer. Educated at Sanmyong University in the areas of drama and cinematography, Bae first debuted in the fall of 2005 as part of the project group The 빨강 (The Red) with actresses Oh Seung-Eun and Ju So-Young, which allowed her to gain stage experience and fame before her solo debut. Appearing on many variety shows, she became an Internet sensation when she showed her 복고 (bokko meaning "old school") dance on SBS's Love Letter.
Solo Singer

After the group split in early 2006 (as it was a "project group", used for introducing new singers), the record company felt that Bae Seul Ki could handle being a solo singer. They quickly prepared a digital single, with a full album following in the fall of 2006. The first single from the album, "강한 여자" (Ganghan Yujah, meaning "Strong Woman"), had Carlos from the Korean rap group Uptown and featured Bae with many b-boys in a heavily choreographed breakdancing routine. However, this single was quickly abandoned after a few weeks in favor of "말괄량이" (Malgwalyangee, meaning "Tomboy" or "Sassy Girl"), a song with a cute, light feel. It was more in line with popular taste, as similar songs like "Cutie Honey" by Ahyoomee (from Sugar) and "Love Me Love Me" from Lee Ji Hye (formerly of S#arp) were doing well. This song managed to perform well on the Korean music charts, and the music video also became number one for three weeks[citation needed]. In addition to promoting her single, she has also assisted Eru's performances of his second album comeback single, "까만 안경" (Ggaman Angkyung, "Black Glasses").

With the success of "Tomboy", her record company quickly released her 2nd digital single in December of 2006. Her title single "One by One" featured her in a snowy backdrop to suit the Christmas mood. The lyrics of this song was also composed by her. She has since started to promote this single on the various music programs. She also did a duet with Glass Box on a charity album called "Mind Bridge".


After ending the promotion of her album, Bae Seul Ki has moved on to hosting. In April 2007, she began hosting a music programme on KM TV called POP, which introduces popular foreign music to Korean fans. In April, she also hosted MBC's Music Show with Brian Joo from Fly to the Sky , acting as a guest MC in place of Kim Hyun Joong from SS501.

Bae Seul Ki has announced that she is acting in a new drama which is a China-Korea collaboration. It will start filming in May 2007 in China and plans to be broadcasted in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea in October. When she arrived on Shanghai in middle May, more than 300 fans arrived at the airport to welcome her, and at the same time showering her with many gifts.

In May 2007, Bae Seul Ki made a guest appearance in Banana Girls Music Video "Chocolate" alongside other stars like Kan Mi Youn.

- Full studio albums
  1. Album # : First
  2. Album Information: Bae Seul Ki The 1st Volume, Released: September 22, 2006,
    Language: Korean
  3. Track Listing
  • One by One
  • Strong Woman 강한 여자 (feat. Carlos from Uptown)
  • 소금인형
  • 野丫头말괄량이 (feat. Carlos from Uptown)
  • 地面的花瓣 꽃잎이 지면 (나레이션)
  • Sexy Boy
  • Love Stuck
  • A Good Day
  • It's Groove (feat. Crown J)
  • Strong Woman (Remix Version)

Digital Singles

Digital Single # : First

Album Information: One For Love, Released: 2006, Language: Korean

Track Listing

  • 난 사랑에 빠졌죠
  • 내 눈물 모아

Digital Single # : Second

Album Information: Happy Christmas, Released: 2006 , Language: Korean

Track Listing:

  • One by One
  • Happy Christmas (Kor Ver.)
  • Happy Christmas (Eng Ver.)

TV appearances

  • 2005: Rainbow Romance (MBC)
  • 2005 to 2006: Banjun Dramas (SBS)
  • - Unforgettable Love (with DBSK/TVXQ)
  • - Full House (One Episode)
  • - Suicide Rescue Team
  • - A Very Special Story
  • - The Third Guy
  • - Taxi 1986
  • 2006: Break (Mini drama)

Bae Doona

born on 1979, is a South Korean model, actress and photographer. She is best known outside Korea for her role as the protagonist's political activist girlfriend, Cha Yeong-mi, in Park Chan-wook's film Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) and as Park Nam-ju in The Host (2006).
Bae was born in
Seoul, South Korea on October 11, 1979. Growing up, she would follow her mother, Kim Hwa-young, a famous stage actress in Korea, around the theater and rehearsal halls, learning the lines of dialogue as she went along. This did not initially lead Bae towards acting, saying: "People might say that since my mother is a theater actor, I became an actress. But to me, those experiences probably had the opposite effect. On the contrary, because I saw many great actors working with my mother, I thought this was a job only people with extraordinary talent could do."
Bae attended Hanyang University until graduation in 1998. After leaving school, Bae was scouted by a model talent agency while walking in Seoul. This led to modeling clothing for COOLDOG's catalog, amongst others. In 1999 she made the switch to acting, debuting in the KBS TV drama School. Later the same year she appeared as Eun-suh in The Ring Virus, a Korean remake of the Japanese film Ring. Also in 1999, Bae won her first award, KBS's "Most Popular Actress" award.

In 2000, director Bong Joon-ho cast her as Hyeon-nam in the film Barking Dogs Never Bite, a critical success, for her willingness to do the part without makeup, something other South Korean Actresses were unwilling to do. She followed this with two more critical successes, 2001's Take Care of My Cat, directed by Jeong Jae-eun, and 2002's Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, directed by Park Chan-wook.
2003 was less kind to Bae, as she saw both Tube and Spring Bears Love flop at the box office. After completing principal photography on Spring Bears Love, Bae decided to take time off from film, saying: "I never lived even once without having anything to do. The moment a film was presented to the press, I was almost always already shooting the next one ... I thought by myself: now my first cycle is really over. While I rest a little, I wanted to make a fresh new start."

In her time off, Bae took up photography, much of which can be seen between her official blog and her photo book. Bae finally stepped onto a theater stage in 2004, for a production of Sunday Seoul (not to be confused to the South Korean movie of the same title). The play was co-written by Park Chan-wook, whom she had previously worked with.
In 2005 Bae appeared in the Japanese film Linda Linda Linda, and in 2006 she worked with Bong Joon-ho again on The Host, currently the biggest grossing film in South Korean box office history.

TV drama

  • School (KBS, 1999)
  • Love Story (SBS, 1999)
  • RNA (KBS, 2000)
  • Turn Your Angry Face (KBS, 2000)
  • Mothers and Sisters (MBC, 2000)
  • Country Princess (MBC, 2003)
  • Rosemary (KBS, 2003)
  • Beating Heart (MBC, 2005)
  • Someday (OCN, 2006)


  • Sunday Seoul (2005)


  • 1999 KBS Acting: Most Popular Actress
  • 2000 Blue Dragon: Best New Actress
  • 2001 Busan-Youngpaeung: Best Actress
  • 2001 Chunsa: This years Best Actress
  • 2002 Baeksang: Best Actress
  • 2002 Busan-Youngpaeung: Best Actress


  • Doona's London Play (2006) - Bae's Photography

Ha Ji Won

born 28 June 1979 as Jeon Hae-rim, is a Korean actress and singer. She was born in Seoul, South Korea.


Ha Ji-won in Nightmare (2000).
Ha Ji-won started her career playing supporting roles in TV productions, recognizable for her feminine height and her then chubby cheeks.

In 2002, Ha Ji-won had her breakthrough as the lead in the horror film Phone, a film thematically and stylistically similar to a whole spate of horror films coming out of East Asia at the time. Her performance was good enough to win her a best actress nomination at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. This success secured her many more film offers as well as "big star" status.

Since then she has gone on to make films like the American Pie-clone Sex Is Zero and more recently, Reversal of Fortune. She also began an attempt at a recording career in 2002.

Ha Ji-Won has recently starred in the series Something Happened in Bali in early 2004, co-starring Jo Insung and So Jisub. At the said project, she played the hard-put tour guide Lee Soojung, who consequently attracted two guys to her own discomfort. Her performance in that 2004 drama won her a Baek-Sang Best Actress Award.




  • 2006 KBS Drama Best Actress Award (Hwang Jin-i)
  • 2006 KBS Best Couple Award (with
Jang Geun Suk)
  • 2004 Baek Sang Best Actress Award
  • 2000 Blue Dragon Best Supporting Actress Award
  • 2000 Pusan Film Critics Assn. Awards Best New Actress (Truth or Dare)