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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lee Na Young

born in Seoul, South Korea on February 22, 1979, is one of the Korean film and TV industry's most visible up-and-coming actresses. She has taken a variety of roles, playing the role of a deadly warrior in the thriller Dream of a Warrior; a quirky, love-sick public official in the romantic comedy Please Teach Me English; and a reserved, yet charming girl who has secretly admired a man for 10 years, but has never said a word to him, in the romantic comedy Someone Special.

At the 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards (the equivalent of the Academy Awards in Korea, in terms of publicity), Lee Na-Young won the award for best actress for her role in Someone Special.

She first made a name for herself as the star in the dramatic mini-series Ruler of Your Own World.
A professional model before her acting career, Lee Na-young brings a new look to the Korean film and TV industry.
2006: 우리들의 행복한 시간 (
Maundy Thursday)
2004: 아는 여자 (
Someone Special)
2004: Leaving Me, Loving You
2003: 영어 완전 정복 (
Please Teach Me English)
2002: 후아유 (Who are You?)
2001: 천사몽 (Dream of a Warrior)
2001: 7인의 새벽 (Running Seven Dogs)
1999: 英二 (Eiji)
TV dramas
(2004, MBC): 아일랜드 (Ireland)
(2002, MBC): 네 멋대로 해라 (
Ruler of Your Own World)
(1999, SBS): 퀸 (Queen)
(1999, MBC): 우리가 정말 사랑했을까? (
Did We Really Love?)

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